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Morning Sadhna (Meditation) helps in attaining mental peace, purity of thought and a balanced personality to all members of the DIGI family. It also enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of a person leading to greater productivity and quality.


Divine provides aesthetic, cultural and creative atmosphere to ensure all round development of all the members of the DIGI family.


Personal Contact ForumON

Personal Contact Forum (PCF) is a unique daily activity at DIGI to help our future managers (i.e. our students) to discover their inner-self potential so that they are able to give positive direction to their personality. For this purpose all the students are divided into smaller groups headed by a faculty In Charge whose main role is to act as a facilitator in the process of discovery of the inner potential through Yoga and Meditation.


Practical Industrial ProgramON

Practical Industrial Program (PIP) aims at providing experiential learning to our future managers (i.e. our students) by proposing them to project assignment of different industrial and business units where they are exposed to hands- on experience relating to different managerial activities and processes, and prepare a Project Report in relation thereto.

Divine International



Mission & Vision

In the present day globally competitive, technology driven environment, only the fittest will survive, has been well evidence by the recent economic turmoil. Our mission is therefore to develop transformational leaders with a global vision and holistic perspectives, empowered with quality education that kindles creativity, promotes innovation, instills ethical practices and thus prepares them face complexity, diversity and change which would confront them in the future. 


To provide platform and create environment for developing transformational leaders of global vision and holistic perspective. We aspire to be our corporate associates in the country by the end of the decade.


Divine International Group of Institutions (DIGI) is promoted by the Divine International Trust and was established in        It is the brain child of a group of luminaries from the academic field who then envisioned the surge in the demand for competent managerial professionals in the country, as an outcome of the economic policies adopted by the government in the early 1990s. Since then the endeavour is on to provide quality management education at affordable costs to

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Student Grievance

Industry Orientation

DIGI ensures an effective academic-cum-professional interaction between the students and industry, with practical orientation, for which it frequently organizes visits of students to reputed companies and their plants to facilitate:

First hand experience into the functioning of organizations.

Interaction of students with industry through incourse projects (Practical Industrial Program) and summer projects.

Structuring to match the changing needs of industry.